Organisation & Membership

Arrangements of the Pacific Partnership Initiative on Sustainable Water Management

The overall aim of the Initiatives is to ensure coordination and increased partnerships in meeting the WSSD goals through its Plan of Implementation.

The Pacific Partnership Initiative on Sustainable Water Management is coordinated and facilitated by the intergovernmental organisation SOPAC (South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission), which has the regional mandate to support the Pacific Island Countries in water & sanitation. SOPAC is assisted in this task by a deputy facilitator, the University of the South Pacific (USP).

The Partnership has a Facilitator (based at SOPAC) who is responsible for implementing the core functions of the partnership: liaising between the regional stakeholder groups and their sub-networks; researching and receiving stakeholder information on on-going and planned water activities; tracking donor and development agency programmes; identifying areas requiring implementation; and coordinating proposal submissions and project implementation. The Facilitator is also responsible for high-level advocacy of the strategic approach.
Monitoring and evaluation are carried out using a matrix inventory of previous, existing, planned and proposed activities, including details of the stakeholders involved, the intervention objectives, implementation duration and status, and anticipated impact.

The Facilitator enables countries and development agencies to: identify successful previous activities and therefore improve the sustainability of subsequent interventions; reduce and prevent duplication of activities; link country requirements to development programmes (and vice versa); and augment existing and proposed activities nationally and regionally.

A working group of CROP agencies (Council of Regional Organisations of the Pacific) and NGO representatives has been set up to act as the overall coordinating body of the Pacific Initiatives. Facilitators are asked to report to this Sustainable Development Working Group on a regular basis.

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