Goals and Objectives
Growing segments of the populations are continuously at risk to water borne diseases (through polluted drinking ,coastal as well as surface waters) This is compounded by a lack of information needed for water resource development and protection as well as a lack of awareness of he problems associated with contaminated water.
The introduction of Water safety Plan concept in Pacific Island Countries will address all aspects in drinking water supply through an integrated approach with a focus on the control of abstraction, treatment and delivery of drinking water.


To reduce the risk of water related diseases in the Pacific Island Countries.


To promote a comprehensive risk assessment and risk management approach in the Pacific region that encompasses all steps in the water supply, from catchment to consumer, to ensure the access to safe drinking water.


SOPAC and WHO Pacific member countries will benefit from this project which will be implemented through demonstration in four of the above Pacific countries. The project is for two years initially but will be replicated in other Pacific countries.

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